Complaints, reporting and whistleblowing

If you are not happy about the service you have received from us or you have concerns about the activity of a business, find out who to speak to and when.

Make a complaint about a regulated financial services business

Businesses need to know when their customers are not happy so that they can get better at what they do. You should complain in writing to the financial services business either by email or letter.

Make a complaint about the JFSC

Complaints help us critically review what we do and identify ways to improve. If you want to make a complaint, you can either send us an email, write us a letter or give us a call.

Report a suspicious activity

If you suspect an individual or business of money laundering, you have an obligation to report it. You should submit a suspicious activity report (SAR) to the States of Jersey Police's Joint Financial Crime Unit.


If you are aware of any misconduct within the finance industry, you can call our anonymous whistleblowing line.