Fund Statistics – How to obtain and submit your Fund statistics

The fund statistics document upload has moved onto our new myJFSC platform.

An email invitation explaining how to register on the new platform has been sent to all users who hold the Statistics Officer role.

Previous users of the new myJFSC

If you have previously used the new myJFSC to update your information, pay fees or submit a form you won’t need to re-register, you can login using the same email and password.

If you don’t have a myJFSC account

If you are not already a myJFSC user, we will send an invitation to your compliance officer with a link to set up an account.

Upload your quarterly fund statistics to myJFSC

How to upload your documents

Login to myJFSC and select ‘Quarterly Fund Statistics’.

You will see the relevant return listed (e.g. Q3 2022) due date in the future. If the due date has passed, you will not be able to navigate to the submission page.

Select the relevant quarterly fund statistic due.

After submission you will see who made the submission, when it was submitted and the status will be updated.

From here you will be able to download the workbook prepopulated with reportable funds. You can download by either selecting the title of the Fund workbook or use the download button to the right of the fund workbook title.

There are instructions on the first worksheet. You can save this workbook within your own local locations.
We require all the information to be completed prior to the workbook being returned to us via the upload process.
Once all data is complete, the workbook can be uploaded by logging back into the portal following the above steps. You will then be directed to the upload page as shown below.

You can upload your workbook by selecting ‘choose file’.

When the workbook has been submitted, we will validate the data meets the criteria and the status will change to ‘Validating’. Once validation has completed, the status will change to either ‘Validation Passed’ or ‘Validation Failed’.

An email will be sent to you on completion advising the results.

If any errors occurred, this will be shown in the attachment PDF file, including which cells did not pass the validation.
Email if you have any issues.

Kind Regards,