Fintech and Innovation Report 2019

In 2014, in response to demand from Industry regarding the interest in Fintech and crowdfunding, we established our Innovation Hub. This gave innovative firms the opportunity to engage with us at the early stages of design.

Since 2016, when we began recording enquiries, we have engaged with over 100 firms.

Our Innovation Hub is a direct and dedicated point of contact for firms, both start-ups and incumbents developing or implementing innovation in financial services.

We hope to encourage innovation in Jersey’s financial services industry by:

  • providing help for innovative businesses to understand how the regulatory framework applies to them
  • listening to and engaging with the financial services and technology industry in Jersey, considering relevant policy where appropriate to foster development of innovative products and services
  • working to ensure a technology neutral regime wherever possible
  • working closely with key stakeholders, including the Government of Jersey, industry bodies, global networks of regulators and international standard setters to ensure that Jersey is well placed to respond quickly to new innovations in financial services.