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PRESS RELEASE 10 February 2015


The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) will be unveiling its Business Plan to industry on Thursday 26 February, which sets out its objectives and priorities for 2015 and beyond. 

The Chairman, Lord John Eatwell and Directors from the JFSC will explore in detail their major priorities for the year ahead, and invite members of the financial services industry and other interested parties to attend the event.

Lord John Eatwell, Chairman, JFSC commented:

“The Plan reflects a number of ambitions and developments which I will seek to drive forward in my role as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. The objective is to foster a regulatory regime that enables firms to innovate and to exploit market opportunities, whilst ensuring that they behave responsibly and have effective risk management procedures in place to protect consumers and to protect Jersey’s reputation – an objective that I am sure you share.

I am confident that our strategy and business plan will allow the Jersey Financial Service Commission to become an ever more agile regulator - able to understand the significance of new developments and decide swiftly on appropriate, well-founded responses, ensuring that Jersey can continue to be a respected and successful international financial centre.”

JFSC’s Business Plan presentation takes place on Thursday 26 February 2015 at the Hotel de France starting at 08:00 and closing at 10:00. To register to attend and for a full programme please visit -

A copy of the JFSC’s Business Plan for 2015 can be downloaded from the JFSC website by clicking here.

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