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PRESS RELEASE 25 June 2015


The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) has today published its Annual Report and financial statements for 2014.

The Annual Report acknowledges how changes in the regulation and structure of financial markets have shaped the JFSC over the past year.

During 2014 the Commission also set out on a change programme to anticipate and manage new challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing financial services industry.

The report acknowledges that the JFSC is focussed on being a thinking and agile regulator and that investing in processes and resources will enable it to deal with changing demands.

John Harris, Director-General commented:

“The Jersey Financial Services Commission can look back on 2014 as a busy and productive year. As a supervisor we recognise that we need to build on our past success by refining our approach.

There is now more than ever a need for dialogue between the regulator and the regulated. The JFSC is committed to such an approach and will build on the base of 2014 to work all of its stakeholders to achieve what we need to realise: a changing Commission in a changing world.”

Click here to read the 2014 Annual Report.

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