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PRESS RELEASE 07 December 2007

Directions issued to Jason Warner effectively preventing him from securing employment within the Finance Industry

The Commission has today publicly released directions that had, on 8 November 2007, been served on the person currently known as Jason Warner effectively preventing him from securing employment within the Finance Industry. The circumstances that led to the issue of such directions being issued are contained within directions, a summary of which are attached to this press release, and are related to conviction, on 3 December 2007, of Jason Warner for criminally and fraudulently using a false Oxford University degree certificate and/or a Curriculum Vitae to obtain or attempt to obtain a salary.

The Commission would like to take the opportunity of recognising the co-operation and support of the financial services businesses in this case and, in particular, New World Trustees (Jersey) Limited which, recognising the risk posed by Jason Warner, was prepared to support a prosecution to prevent further incidents of fraud being committed against other businesses.

The Commission will always investigate incidents of individuals securing employment within the Finance Industry using false qualifications, documents or false identities. Businesses that discover such cases are urged to contact the Commission to prevent other businesses from being exposed to unnecessary risk.

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Director, Enforcement
Jersey Financial Services Commission

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Notes to Editors.

Pursuant to Article 23(4) of the Law, the Commission has the power to make public any directions it has given under any of the provisions of Article 23 where it is satisfied that the circumstances so warrant.


Jersey Financial Services Commission takes regulatory action against Jason Warner

Following investigations under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 (the “Law”) into the conduct of the person, currently known as Jason Warner, between February and October 2007, whilst being employed and attempting to be employed within financial service businesses in Jersey, the Commission has issued directions under Article 23(1) of the Law to Jason Warner concerning his conduct during that period.

Jason Warner’s conduct, when considered by reference to the Law, is such that it appears to the Commission that Jason Warner is not fit and proper to be employed within the financial service business industry in Jersey.

Jason Warner has failed to act with integrity and propriety by:

• gaining employment and training in a financial service business using a forged Bachelor of Arts Degree Certificate;

• attempting to gain employment at two further financial service business using a forged Bachelor of Arts Degree Certificate;

• using a false name when communicating with the Commission; and

• using false names when gaining and attempting to gain employment within the Finance Industry.

The effect of the directions is to prevent Jason Warner from being employed within a financial services business, as defined under the Law.

Jason Warner will commit an offence as defined under Article 23(9) of the Law in the event that he seeks employment with a financial service business in Jersey. Any person with information to indicate that such an offence has been committed is asked to contact the Commission.

The Commission is unable to verify at this time the true identity of Jason Warner due to his propensity to use false names. A list of the various names he has used is set out below together with his photograph.

Jason WARNER, Born - 18 December 1977 Oxford
Kennedy Arou KATAMBO, Born – 20 May 1980 Sudan
Robert John ROWE, Born – 3 September 1977 Wexford
Jamel Stephen Mc PHERSON, Born – 5 November 1978 London


Jason Warner


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