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Press Release - 11 July 2001


The Fight Against International Financial Crime

Leading figures in the fight against international financial crime are gathering in Jersey next week to share their concerns, their successes and their plans for improving co-operation to defeat financial crime.

The seminar, which will see some hard hitting proposals, will address financial fraud, money laundering, regulatory breaches, corruption and other offences.

The seminar is organised by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (from July 16-18) and will be attended by an international audience from 15 countries - including the USA, France and Germany. Senior financial regulators, justice department officials, police officials and others will discuss progress in the fight against crime, the potential for further cross-border cooperation and further possible ways for taking the battle forward.

The seminar, which also celebrates the third anniversary of the Jersey Financial Services Commission's formation as an independent statutory body, will be introduced by the Governor of Jersey, His Excellency Sir John Cheshire.

Among the speakers will be

  • Ros Wright, Director of the Serious Fraud Office of the UK
  • Theodore Greenberg, US Department of Justice
    William Bailhache, Attorney-General of the States of Jersey
  • Joseph Halligan, HM Treasury
  • David Minty, Head of the States of Jersey Police Financial Crimes Unit
  • Richard Pratt, Director General, Jersey Financial Services Commission

One session of the seminar on 16 July will be open to all members of the Island's finance industry, from 5pm to 7pm at the Hotel de France. They will be able to take part in a discussion about the impact of international co-operation on finance centres such as Jersey.

During the remainder of the seminar, representatives from the Attorney General's Chambers, the Joint Financial Crime Unit and the Jersey Financial Services Commission will describe the extensive powers Jersey agencies possess to co-operate with their counterparts overseas in order to maintain Jersey's position as a quality financial centre. Helen Hatton, Deputy Director General of the Financial Services Commission will describe the Jersey finance industry and give examples of the way financial criminals seek to abuse it. Phil Austin, Chief Executive, Jersey Finance Limited, will talk about the reasons for using Jersey as a finance centre.


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