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The Jersey Financial Services Commission will update its website on Monday 22 May 2006 to present a cleaner look to the Commission’s website and enable users to find information more effectively.

The presentation of information on regulated entities has been enhanced so that all classes of licence held by an entity can be displayed together with the names of related entities. This will be of particular assistance when searching for information on trust company businesses and their participating members. The information on regulated entities will be uploaded daily from the Commission’s central database, which will enable changes in that information to be made available in a timelier manner.

The new home page will include boxes that contain ‘Latest News’, ‘Press Releases’, ‘Public Statements’, ‘Publications’, ‘Investors’ Corner’ and ‘Careers’. This will enable users, particularly new users, to access those pages and related information more easily.

The Director General of the Commission, Mr David Carse said,

“The new website has a cleaner, uncluttered look, which should make it easier to navigate. The information on regulated entities is also provided on a more timely basis. We hope that this will add to the value of what is already an important source of information for users in Jersey and elsewhere.”

The web address of the site will remain the same, namely and the new homepage can be viewed below.


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For further information contact:

Christopher Renault
Commission Secretary
Jersey Financial Services Commission

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1534 822066
Facsimile: + 44 (0) 1534 822001

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