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Press Release - 26 September 2002

Jersey regulator widens her role

Helen Hatton, Deputy Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission, is to take on a wider role within the Commission, with overall responsibility for its three main regulatory divisions - Authorisation, Compliance and Enforcement.

Ms Hatton, who joined the JFSC in April 1999, has focused primarily in the last four years on developing ground-breaking primary and secondary legislation and Codes of Practice to ensure the more rigorous regulation of investment and trust company business on the Island.

Richard Pratt, Commission Director General said: "The development and implementation of legislation in the last few years - particularly with regard to trust company businesses - has been a Herculean task. I am delighted that, now that this heavy programme is largely complete, Ms Hatton will be free to take on additional responsibilities, working closely with me to oversee all the main regulatory functions and to ensure the successful application of our increased regulatory requirements."

Richard Pratt,
Director General

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