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Press Release - 14 June 2001


The Financial Services Commission has issued the first tranche of registration certificates in respect of trust company business under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998. Fourteen businesses have received registration certificates in respect of 111 separate entities.

"It is a significant day for us and the culmination of two years concentrated work from both the Commission and the industry" said Richard Pratt, Director General of the Commission.

The Law came fully into force on the 2nd February after a period of intense consultation on all aspects of the Law including the Orders and the Codes of Practice.

Helen Hatton, Deputy Director General of the Commission, who has led the implementation process said, "I am delighted to reach this milestone. When the Law came fully into force, we had applications from 228 businesses consisting of 1,144 entities. Each of those applications must be carefully reviewed to ensure that the requirements of the Law and the Codes of Practice are met. In particular, the businesses must satisfy the Commission of their "fit and proper" status according to the obligations placed on the Commission under Article 8 of the Law. "

Continuing, Mrs Hatton said: "With over 1000 separate entities included within the 228 business who made applications, and over 1000 separate principal persons, the review process was always going to be a major task. The Commission would certainly expect at least a year to elapse before all of them have been completed. For now, however, the Commission is pleased that the first tranche is ready.

"We have started with the firms with the simplest structures and about whom we already have a great deal of information and confidence relating to their internal controls and standards. Firms that obtain their licences later in the cycle, or whom we need to visit prior to licensing, are likely to work through complex structures or operate some form of unusual or specialised business. There is nothing sinister about being other than in the first tranche of registrations, though it is clearly an achievement for those who are".

For further information contact:

Helen Hatton
Deputy Director General

Tel: + 44(0) 1534 822020
Fax: + 44(0) 1534 822002

Richard Pratt
Director General

Tel: + 44 (0)1534 822011
Fax: + 44 (0)1534 822001


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