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Request for Senior Contact Details - 25 February 2019

We are currently updating our records to ensure that we have identified the most senior representative for the firms we regulate and that we hold up to date contact details for them.

We are asking all regulated firms to provide us with the name and email address for the person who has overall responsibility for business operations in Jersey.

Depending on the business, this may be the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Principal Manager, Managing Partner or similar role. It may be that there is more than one lead contact for the organisation. If this is the case, we would ask for all relevant contact details.

We would be grateful if firms could provide us with this information by emailing in advance of 21 March 2019. Please note that if the contact details of the nominated individual(s) change in the future, it is the firm’s responsibility to update us as soon as reasonably possible.

For any queries, please contact your respective Supervision Manager or Supervision Team.

We appreciate your assistance with this exercise.

Jersey Financial Services Commission 


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