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NEWS RELEASE 19 November 2012

Collective Investment Funds (Certified Funds – Prospectuses) (Jersey) Order 2012 (“CFPO”)

As the CFPO came into effect on 17 November 2012, the Commission has made consequential amendments to the following:

  • Codes of Practice for Certified Funds and the Schedules;
  • Application for a Jersey Expert Fund;
  • Application for a Jersey Listed Fund;
  • Initial Review Checklist – Funds; and
  • Guide to Circulation in Jersey of Offers Originating Outside Jersey.

The principal change to the above has been to replace the Collective Investment Funds (Unclassified Funds) (Prospectuses) (Jersey) Order 1995 and the Companies (General Provisions) (Jersey) Order 2002 with the CFPO.

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