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Complaints & Whistleblowing


Complaints and Whistleblowing


The Ombudsman and how to make consumer complaints
Making a complaint against the JFSC


Identifying regulatory misconduct within the finance industry is an important function of the Commission. An anonymous and untraceable whistleblowing telephone line has been introduced by the Commission to assist in the collection of information to identify regulatory misconduct.  All calls made to the whistleblowing line will be regarded as intelligence to assist the Commission in the exercise of its regulatory responsibilities.

Whistleblowing line:  +44 (0)1534 887557

Calls made to the whistleblowing line during normal working hours will be answered by a member of the Commission’s Enforcement Team, and in their absence and outside of normal working hours it will revert to voicemail.  Callers will not be asked their name and all information provided to the Commission will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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