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This page will help you use and get the best from the Jersey Financial Services Commission ('JFSC') website.

Navigating the site

All primary site navigation is through the blue top band, via drop down menus. Secondary page navigation is also available at the beginning of each page or sub section. Legal, privacy, contact and help information can be found in either the header or the footer of each page.

Which browser should I use?

You can view the JFSC website on the following browsers:

  • MS Windows Apple Mac
  • Internet Explorer 6 Netscape 7.2 and above
  • Netscape 8 Firefox and above
  • Firefox Safari 1.2.3 and above
  • Opera 7 and above

PDF Format

Many of the documents within this website utilise Adobe PDF technology. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here) to view them. A number of the PDF's are interactive and will allow you to enter required information into them. PLEASE NOTE - the entered information cannot be saved within the PDF and must be printed before before closing unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional from which you may save the PDF with the added data included.

Printing pages

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, you can print any page within this website by selecting 'File' then 'Print' from the menu option. Most other browsers also have a 'Print' option – refer to your user’s manual for further help. If you wish to print a PDF document, select the 'Print' command in Adobe's Acrobat Reader software.

Contact details

Please visit the Contact us section for details on how to get in touch with us.

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