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Alex Petrie (Industry Practitioner)
Carla Channing (Industry Practitioner)
Caroline Whittingham (ICSA)
Christine Brown (STEP)
Dan O’Connor (JFA)
Daniela Perotte (Jersey Business Limited)
Dawn Boswell (Industry Practitioner)
Elaine Lawless (Industry Practitioner)
Francesca Thoma (Industry Practitioner)
George Pearmain (Financial Services – Chief Minister’s Department)
Graeme Paton (Industry Practitioner)
Guy Coltman (Industry Practitioner)
Jane Richardson (JSCCA)
James Mulholland (JFA)
Julia Le Feuvre (Industry Practitioner)
Karena Corfield (Industry Practitioner)
Lorraine Fiander-Hill (Industry Practitioner)
Lucy Carpenter (Industry Practitioner)
Malcolm Ellis (Industry Practitioner)
Michelle Cramsie (Industry Practitioner)
Robert Kirkby (Jersey Chamber of Commerce)
Sara Johns (Industry Practitioner)
Sarah Bartram (JATCO)
Shane Hollywood (Jersey Law Society)
Simon Gould (Jersey Law Society)
Thomas Cowsill (Jersey Finance Limited)
Toby Clayson (Financial Services – Chief Minister’s Department)
Wendy Benjamin (Industry Practitioner)

JFSC Attendees

Dawn Kennedy
Julian Lamb (Chair)
Sarah Kittleson
Wanda Adam



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