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The Registrar is required by Regulation 14(3) of the Foundations (Continuance) (Jersey) Regulations 2009 (the “Continuance Regulations”) to direct the manner in which a notice of the intention of a recognized entity to apply to the Commission for the entity to be incorporated as a foundation must be published pursuant to Regulation 14(2).

The Registrar directs that the notice required by regulation 14(2)of the continuance Regulations must be published on the Public Notices section of the Commission’s Companies Registry website http://www.jerseyfsc.org/registry/ .

Notices must be sent to the following e-mail address: foundations@jerseyfsc.org for publication.  The notice must be attached to an e-mail as a PDF file and have a file name in the format FD_F8_CP[ number]_[foundation name].pdf


16 July 2009

Julian S Lamb
Deputy Registrar of Companies

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