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All documents and forms delivered to the Registry are scanned to produce an electronic image which can be viewed by the public. Therefore, it is extremely important that documentation submitted meets the requirements of the Registry. This will ensure that the image based search facility provides high quality copies.

The requirements are that documents should:-

be on A4 good quality plain white paper

be an original copy

have a matt finish - i.e. not glossy

be printed in black type or black ink

not have any shaded/highlighted areas or include photographs

not be bound in any way or stapled

have pages numbered in consecutive order

The Commission's policy in respect of the signing of documents and the disclosure of the named signature in printed letters, is as follows:

  • The Registry requires the complete disclosure of a name.
  • For example 'Another P Names' should be disclosed in full as 'Another Persons Name'.
  • Complete disclosure of all names required to be given to the Registrar, (such as, for example, the subscriber and/or beneficial owner), must be given at all times.

These guidelines have been established by the Registrar pursuant to the authority delegated to him by Articles 199 and 200 of the Law. All Companies are requested to ensure all documents submitted to the Registrar are in accordance with these guidelines.

The Registry will insist that the above requirements are met, in order that documentation can be successfully captured and clearly viewed by the public.

Please note that documentation not meeting these requirements will be rejected by the Registry.

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  Last Updated: 14 October 2019