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2019 Requirements for Overseas Incorporated Banks (OIBS)



Forms and Associated Guidance



Prudential Returns must be supplied to the Jersey Financial Services JFSC in accordance with Principle 6 of the Code of Practice for Deposit-taking Business (the Code). They are to be completed on a quarterly basis as at 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December by each Jersey deposit taker registered under the aforementioned law.

The Forms should be completed in accordance with the guidance provided in the OIB Reporting Guide – February 2019.

Submissions must be made using the JFSC’s secure electronic reporting process, which involves a secure website and use of a unique PIN and pass code. A hard copy printout of the return, together with a signed certificate and comments on any material changes and unusual items should also be provided to the JFSC.

The Prudential Return should be submitted to the JFSC on or before the 20th working day after the reporting date. The JFSC would normally expect the associated copy submissions to be received within five further working days. If the registered person foresees or experiences a delay that will result in a late submission, it must notify the JFSC immediately.

For JIB reporting, see

Forms and Associated Guidance

Core Financial Data

Balance sheet and profit & loss


Core (Branch) Module – September 2007
Core (Branch) Guide - February 2019
Core (Branch) Excel layout - July 2008


Market Risk

Branch market risk reporting

Market Risk (Branch) Module – May 2008
Market Risk (Branch) Guide – February 2019
Market Risk (Branch) Excel layout - July 2008


Liquidity Risk

Liquidity reporting

Liquidity Risk (Branch) Module – September 2007
Liquidity Risk (Branch) Guide – February 2019
Liquidity Risk (Branch) Excel layout - July 2008


Other Prudential Data

Other data requirements

Other Prudential (Branch) Module - December 2007
Other Prudential (Branch) Guide - February 2019
Other Prudential (Branch) Excel layout - July 2008



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