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"On 17 October 2008, Jersey’s AML/CFT Strategy Group published an Island strategy to counter money laundering and the
financing of terrorism.

The group identified a need to “raise awareness of typologies that are relevant to Jersey including the risks arising from the nature
of the customer base and products associated with Jersey as an international finance centre.”
As a result, the JFCU and JFSC jointly commissioned the following document, authored by BakerPlatt.  Where local case studies are   available, they have been used; otherwise international cases are included where they are relevant to Jersey businesses.
Of particular value is the “Lessons learned” section after each case study.
It is hoped that this document will be of interest and use to all Jersey businesses, both prudentially supervised and regulated and   also, those who are comparatively new to regulatory oversight."

Anti-money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism - Typologies from a Jersey perspective

This 2014 Money Laundering Typologies report, commissioned by the Jersey Financial Crime Strategy Group, outlines relevant money laundering methods and techniques as well as emerging trends identified through a comprehensive analysis of both evidence and   intelligence utilised in the report.

Money Laundering Typologies and Trends – 2014


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