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Non-Profit Organizations (“NPOs”)


Non-Profit Organizations                                        


The Non-Profit Organizations (Jersey) Law 2008 (the “NPO Law”) was registered by the Royal Court on 25  July 2008 and came into effect on 8 August 2008.  This legislation  requires NPOs to register with the Commission in certain circumstances.   The definition of an NPO, as provided by Article 1 of the NPO Law, is given  below:
              “An  organization is a non-profit organization for the purposes of this Law if –
              (a)  it is established solely or primarily for charitable, religious, cultural,  educational, social,
    or fraternal purposes with  the intention of benefiting the public or a section of the public; and
              (b) it raises or disburses funds  in pursuance of those purposes.”

Any  applicant requiring guidance on completion of the registration form should  contact the Commission by telephone on +44 (0)1534 822000 or by email please click  here. All applications for registration are to be made on  one of the following forms:     


This page does not  include any Forms relating to the Companies Registry  (click here) or Banking Prudential Returns (click here).


Non-Profit  Organization Registration (English)

Form Submission

Once completed, the forms can be submitted  to the Commission either by post or online:

Postal  Applications:            

  1. Open the required registration  form, using the link above.
  2. Complete the form either by  typing directly onto the form, or by printing the form and writing your  responses by hand.
  3. In either instance, sign the  form and post to: 
    NPO Applications, Jersey  Financial Services Commission, PO    Box 267, 14-18    Castle Street, St Helier, JE4 8TP

Online  Applications (to apply online you must have an  email account):

  1. Open the required registration  form, using the link above.
  2. Complete the form by typing  directly onto the form.
  3. Save the completed form (as a  Microsoft Word “.doc” file) and include the name of the NPO in the document  filename,
    e.g. “NPO Registration Form – ABC Charity.doc”.
  4. Apply for an Electronic  Signature using the link below.
  5. Wait for the confirmation email  from the Commission, which will provide a PIN Code.
  6. Upload the completed  registration form, using your electronic signature. The NPO File Upload area  can be accessed using the link below.                                                                                               
Application for Electronic Signature
NPO File Upload Area


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