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Our goal is to be an employer of choice. We can only achieve that by continually improving how we do things and by recognising and investing in our people. We know how important employee engagement is to the success of our organisation and we will continue to work hard to ensure the JFSC is a motivating, rewarding, inclusive and fun place to work, where people feel valued.

Working for the JFSC combines challenging job responsibilities, professional development opportunities, community involvement, as well as the chance to connect with colleagues, in our in-house fitness classes, wellness programme, through our charity work or other shared interests.

Our Values 

Promoting diversity and inclusion

It has become very clear that to recruit, retain and develop good staff, an organisation like ours needs a strongly inclusive culture, where there is a focus on giving everyone the space to contribute. This is a relentless focus of how we think about our work environment, for example facilitating charitable initiatives and encouraging staff to support each other, while making sure we leave no space for old prejudices that might have the opposite impact.​

We established a dedicated forum in 2018, to further prioritise and promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and culture. 

Interested to know what we do? Here it is in a nutshell.