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(Last Updated: 2 December 2015)

The United Nations Security Council ('UNSC') has established a number of Security Council Committees that are mandated to, inter alia:


In fulfilment of their mandates the Security Council Committees issue press releases which add to or amended the details of individuals and/or organisations on their sanctions list.

Links to some UNSC press releases are set out below:


This/these individuals and/or organisations areimmediately designated in Jersey under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing (Jersey) Law 2011 as amended. It is prohibited to deal with the funds or economic resources of a designated person or make funds or financial services available (directly or indirectly) to a designated person.

This/these individuals and/or organisations are also expected to be added to the lists maintained by the European Union ('EU') and are designated in Jersey by virtue of Orders made under the European Union Legislation (Implementation) (Jersey) Law 2014.


Businesses must refrain from making assets available to any of the listed individuals and/or organisations. Requests to do so may give rise to knowledge or suspicion, or reasonable grounds for knowledge or suspicion, that another is engaged in terrorist financing under the Terrorism (Jersey) Law 2002 as amended ('the Terrorism Law'). In such circumstances, disclosure should be made to the States of Jersey Police Force, a customs officer or a nominated officer in the appropriate form and manner prescribed by the Terrorism Law.

Further information regarding the Al-Qaida Security Council Committee can be found by clicking here

Further information regarding the Taliban Security Council Committee can be found by clicking here

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