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In order to assist firms in the United Kingdom to comply with financial sanctions, Her Majesty's Treasury maintains a 'Consolidated List' of individuals and entities subject to financial sanctions. The UK Consolidated List includes all the names of sanctioned persons and entities under United Nations Resolutions, European Union Regulations and United Kingdom legislation. The UK Consolidated List does not set out all the sanctions measures in place worldwide. The UK Consolidated List is divided by country, with separate sections for 'terrorism and terrorist financing', 'Al-Qaida' and 'Afghanistan' as well.

The UK Consolidated List can be viewed by accessing the following link:

For guidance on effective screening against the UK Consolidated List go to Section 4 of the Financial Sanctions Practical Guidance.

The States of Jersey does not compile its own Consolidated List but instead adopts the UK Consolidated List as a comprehensive listing of sanctions measures applicable in Jersey. This is because Jersey’s sanctions legislation effectively mirrors equivalent legislation in the United Kingdom. It should be noted, however, that when the UK Consolidated List is updated as a result of new legislation, or changes to existing legislation, equivalent provisions in Jersey may not yet have been implemented but will be shortly thereafter. It is therefore recommended that ongoing screening is carried out by first making reference to the UK Consolidated List. Only if a target match is identified against the UK Consolidated List, should cross-reference then be made to
the relevant local legislation. For example if screening against the UK Consolidated List reveals a target match listed under
‘North Korea’, then refer to the Community Provisions (Restrictive Measures – North Korea) (Jersey) Order 2013 and confirm the same person is listed under that legislation. This will provide certainty that a local obligation, and the corresponding safeguards should a report be necessary, exist.

Searching the UK Consolidated List will not necessarily satisfy all sanctions obligations
- Please refer to Section 10 of the
Financial Sanctions Practical Guidance.

Asset Freezing Unit

The United Kingdom Asset Freezing Unit is the United Kingdom equivalent to the Chief Minister’s Department in respect of
sanctions matters. The United Kingdom Asset Freezing Unit offers a free subscription facility, providing notification by email when
the UK Consolidated List is updated. In order to subscribe, access the following link
and provide your email address.


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