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Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited - 18 March 2009

Public Statement - Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited

The Jersey Financial Services Commission (the “Commission”) has issued this public statement under Article 43(2) of the Insurance Business (Jersey) Law 1996, as amended.

This statement is made in order to advise policyholders with unpaid insurance claims and other creditors of Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited of the current status of the liquidation of the company.

The Commission wishes it to be known that, subsequent to its previous Public Statements issued on 6 February 2006, which advised of the closure of the company to new business, on 7 April 2006, which advised of the company’s intention to seek a hearing in the Royal Court for the purpose of obtaining approval for the winding up of the company and the appointment of a liquidator and on 31 May 2006, which advised of the Royal Court appointment of Ernst & Young as liquidators to the company: 

  1. The liquidators have completed their work and established that no money is available to make payments to creditors having claims against Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited.
  1. The liquidators intend to make an application to the Royal Court for an Order that Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited be dissolved pursuant to Article 155 of the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991.
  1. The Commission’s previous Public Statements concerning Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited may also be found on this website.

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Mark Sumner
Director, Banking & Insurance
Jersey Financial Services Commission

14 - 18 Castle Street
St. Helier

Issued: 18 March 2009


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