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Urban Private Finance - 19 October 2007

Public Statement - Urban Private Finance

The Jersey Financial Services Commission ("the Commission") has issued this public statement under Article 48(2) of the Banking Business (Jersey) Law 1991, as amended (the “Banking Business Law”).

This statement is made in order to warn investors and others against dealing with unauthorised financial services providers. The persons named below have not received authorisation to conduct deposit-taking business within the meaning of the Banking Business Law.

Urban Private Finance
Urban Private Finance Corporation
(collectively, “UPF”)

The Commission believes that UPF is carrying on or holding out that it is carrying on deposit-taking business in Jersey when it is not authorised to do so pursuant to the provisions of the Banking Business Law.

The Commission wishes it to be known that UPF has never been registered, or applied for registration, under the Banking Business Law. Therefore, any deposit-taking business, as defined in Article 3 of the Banking Business Law carried out since 1 October 1991, is a breach of Article 8 of the Banking Business Law.

From the documentation held by the Commission, it would appear that UPF displays warning signs of being set up for a fraudulent purpose.

All regulated businesses in Jersey are listed on the Commission’s website at

Any person who has had dealings with UPF is requested to contact the Commission.

Barry Faudemer
Director, Enforcement
Jersey Financial Services Commission

14 – 18 Castle Street
St. Helier

19 October 2007


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