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Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited - 6 February 2006

Public Statement - Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited

This statement is made in order to warn potential policyholders and others against dealing with unauthorised insurance business.

Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited – RC 87071*

The Jersey Financial Services Commission (the “Commission”) has issued this public statement under Article 43 of the Insurance Business (Jersey) Law 1996, as amended (the “Law”).

The Commission wishes it to be known that:

1. On 23 February 2004 Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited was authorised to carry on general insurance business of classes 1 and 2 under the provisions of Article 7 of the Law.

2. The Commission has issued a permit condition that requires Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited to cease writing new business of any class of general insurance with effect from 21 November 2005.

3. In January 2006, the Commission received information that new insurance business may be still being offered and issued with Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited as the insurer. Following receipt of this information the Commission has carried out an investigation. The Commission has found that the following website, namely , appears to be offering policies in the name of Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited without the permission of the directors of the company.

4. Any such insurance offered or issued with an effective date commencing on or after 21 November 2005 will therefore be unauthorised, and in contravention of paragraphs (5) and (6) of Article 7 of the Law, and may therefore leave the policyholder with no cover in force.

5. The Commission has issued this public statement to make it known that Blue Swan Insurance (Jersey) Limited was closed to new business on 21 November 2005 and that this company is no longer authorised to write new policies of insurance nor to renew any existing policies.

6. All other regulated insurance businesses are listed on the Commission’s website at

Nigel Woodroffe
Director Insurance
Jersey Financial Services Commission

Nelson House
David Place
St. Helier

6 February 2006

* The references RC relate to Jersey incorporated companies still registered.


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