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Additional Appointment Form

Q1: When should I complete an Additional Appointment Form?

Under the electronic Personal Questionnaire process you are no longer required to complete an Additional Appointment Form. 

Q2: Has the “Additional Appointment Form” become part of the new process?

Yes, the introduction of the Commission Portal has enabled the Commission to streamline the process by which you update your previously submitted Personal Questionnaire information, including advising of potential additional appointments.

If you need to update your information to reflect a change in positions held, including seeking a letter of “no objection” from the Commission in respect of a new appointment please:

(a) You are resubmitting all Personal Questionnaire information i.e. not just the sections that have been updated.
(b) You are not required to print and send a signed Declaration and Consent page when updating information through the Commission Portal.

However, if you need to update your personal details these can be advised to the Commission through the “My Profile” section of the Commission Portal. For this purpose personal details comprises:

**Where you are advising the Commission of a change in name you must also send, to the Commission, a paper certified copy of your passport or national identity card, which matches your new name. 

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