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Access to the Commission Portal and Personal Questionnaire Details

Q1: I want to submit my Personal Questionnaire using the electronic form but cannot log in to the Commission portal to access the online form?


The electronic Personal Questionnaire Form is accessed via the Commission Portal, which is located at
To use the Commission portal you must first register an email and password and activate your profile.


If you have registered to use the Commission Portal and can remember your e-mail but have forgotten your password please click “forgotten password” on the Commission Portal login page. This will enable you to reset your password.


If you have registered to use the Commission Portal but cannot remember your registration e-mail, you may re-register. If you attempt to use an existing e-mail address, the system will advise that the e-mail address already exists and you will be able to follow the “forgotten password” process.

Please Note: Before re-registering you may wish to contact the Commission for assistance. Submitted Personal Questionnaires are linked to your email address therefore if you have to re-register this previously submitted information will not available.

Q2: Will a third party be able to access my electronic Personal Questionnaire?

No, the Personal Questionnaire information remains confidential and will only be shared by the Commission with a third party with your express permission.

The Declaration and Consent page is designed to facilitate provision of your permission, in writing, for the Commission to share your personal information with third parties, in particular when:


Q3: As the Compliance Officer of a Registered Person will I be able to access the electronic Personal Questionnaires of Principal Persons and Key Persons of my organisation?

See response to Q2.

However, the Commission is aware of circumstances where it is appropriate for a Compliance Officer to have access to certain information held by the Commission in respect of either the Registered Person, its Principal Persons or Key Persons. Consequently the Commission is considering future projects to facilitate such access.

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