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On-site Examinations


On-site Examinations

The Commission addresses key risk areas impacting regulated entities through specific sector-wide assessments followed by selected on-site examinations. Entities examined receive assessment reports, possibly with corrective actions agreed. A summary of key findings is then published on the Commission's website for guidance purposes.

Thematic programmes conducted, and those planned, are shown below. Please click on the title of each for more information.

2019: Themed Examination Programme: Outsourcing findings - Q1
2019: Supervisory Thematic Programme
2018: Themed Examination Programme: Client Assets
2018: Supervisory Thematic Programme - Q4
2018 Themed Feedback Paper: Revised Registry Requirements - BO and Controllers
Supervisory Examination Guide - The JFSC's Approach PDF Document
2018 Supervisory Thematic Programme Q1 & Q2 PDF Document
2015 – On-site Examination Programme PDF Document 
2014 – On-site Examination Programme PDF Document
2012 - On-site Examination Programme PDF Document
Dear CEO Letter - Funds - 30 April 2012 PDF Document
Annual declarations – Dear CEO – March 2012 PDF Document
Dear CEO Letter - Funds - 6 April 2011 PDF Document
Dear CEO regarding Funds - April 2010 PDF Document
Themed Visits - Findings Report : Persons Registered to provide fund services business as a MoME PDF Document
Dear CEO Letter regarding Funds - March 2009 PDF Document
Dear CEO letter regarding MoMEs - 9 September 2008 PDF Document
4 February 2008 Dear CEO Letter - Fund Functionaries PDF Document
2006 - Expert Fund Due Diligence Themed Examination Programme PDF Document



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