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This page does not include any Forms relating to the Companies Registry (click here).

The Forms on this page are subdivided into two sections, "General" and "Sector Specific", please scroll down the page to view
"Sector Specific" Forms, which are further subdivided by type.

Commission Forms are primarily presented in one of three formats: Interactive pdf; Microsoft Word; or Microsoft Excel, and are generally to be submitted to the Commission in hard copy. The specific exceptions are the Commission’s Personal Questionnaire and those forms identified below with “ * ”, which may be submitted electronically.


Personal Questionnaires

The Commission requires Principal Persons and Key Persons applying for the first time, or those needing to update their information
(e.g. adding additional appointments), to do so by completing an electronic Personal Questionnaire (PQ) via the Web Portal.
The Commission will no longer accept paper-based PQ or Additional Appointment forms.
If you are accessing the Web Portal for the
first time you will be required to register before proceeding.
Please click on the following link:

Frequently Asked Questions relating to the completion of the electronic PQ can be found by clicking here.

Ceasing to Act

Please find below the ‘Notification of ceasing to act as Principal Person / Key Person’ Form’ which will remain in paper format. Guidance on completion is contained within the form.

PQ Notification of ceasing to act as Principal Person / Key Person Form


Please find below the "Outsourcing Notification" referred to in the Outsourcing Policy document issued on 1 March 2017.
Please refer to the 2017 Policy for further guidance, available from Policy Statements and Guidance Notes.

Outsourcing Notification



A fee may be required in addition to these Forms. For information on fees payable to the Commission please click here.

Application for Deposit-taking Business


Annual Declaration Template for Banking Business


Reporting form for customer complaints outstanding for more than 3 months
Large Exposures - Application for Concession Limit Approval - May 2012
Large Exposures - Application for approval: Concession Limit guarantee - August 2013
Large Exposures - Application for approval: Collateralised Exposures - August 2013
Large Exposures - Application for approval: Parental guarantee - August 2013
Large Exposures - Notification under the Money Market Concession - December 2012
Bank Prudential Reporter - Nomination
Bank Prudential Reporter - Lapse


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